Local Paint Store Helps Consumers Deal with Economic Crunch

Heritage Paint and Home Design, a local Benjamin Moore retail paint store located at 637 Route 25A in the heart of the downtown Rocky Point business district, is now offering a variety of paint related seminars and classes aimed at providing consumers with the basic know-how to tackle some of the many paint projects in and around their homes.  Owner John Romano, himself a long time painter, who opened Heritage Paint in 1996 in the Shoreham Plaza and subsequently moved to his present location in 2006, believes that knowledge builds confidence, and that it is often the lack of confidence that keeps the average homeowner from attempting some very doable painting and staining projects.

“Anyone who has ever come into our store over the past thirteen years knows that we pride ourselves on providing high quality customer service,” Mr. Romano says. “We have always provided top quality Benjamin Moore products and accurate information on how to use them. When you buy paint at our store, we carry it out and put it in your car for you.”

“But, now we are experiencing some tough economic times, and everyone has been affected,” Mr. Romano goes onto state. “I believe local businesses have to go that extra mile both to help the consumer and generate new business. We believe that if we can provide a customer with the basic know-how to tackle a paint job, they can save some money in the process of doing-it-yourself and also have the satisfaction of seeing positive results from their efforts.”

Mr. Romano believes that a homeowner’s confidence which comes after the successful completion of one project often translates into the homeowner tackling another. “It becomes a win-win situation; we help the customer save money by doing it themselves and hopefully I get their return business, Mr. Romano states.

“A good example is wall paper,” John says. “A lot of people shy away from using wallpaper in their homes because of some bad past experience they had with the cost incurred from its removal or installation.  However, if I can provide you with the information, the technique, and the product to easily remove you existing wallpaper then you might be more inclined to order one of the “new generation” of wall coverings available from my store’s extensive collection of wallpaper books. I think a little good information combined with some basic application skills can translate into a valuable commodity in today’s economy.”

Some of the upcoming classes Heritage Paint wants to offer cover topics ranging from deck staining to wallpaper removal and decorative finishes.

“You can always come in and see what classes we are offering in the future. In fact, if you do, we’ll even give you a coupon to use on you next purchase,” John says.

“We consider our store an important part of the local community. Rocky Point is where I live and work; this is the place I have raised my own family. After thirteen years I still enjoy when people bring in photos of their completed projects for me to see.  We have helped parents select colors for their children’s walls and now we are seeing some of those kids coming back to our store to buy paint for their own place. I like that.” In these tough economic times when many people are worried about job security and the lack of new employment opportunities, Heritage Paint is taking a slightly different approach to the solution for that problem. They want to help create a whole new market of painters and wallpapers—you, the average homeowner.